Roles a Real Estate Agent Plays in a Day

Roles a Real Estate Agent Plays in a Day

Every common man would know that a real estate agent is the one who deals in properties. The one who helps vendors and buyers in selling, buying, and renting the properties respectively. But only the one who deals in it knows that there are a lot more hats that the real estate agents have to wear in a day.  

A real estate agent’s role is not just limited to buying and selling, but meeting other day-to-day challenges too. There is never a dull day in the life of a real estate agent. They come across a new challenge every day and that is what makes their life and career more rewarding.  

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who go above and beyond to settle deals and satisfy their clients by helping them get the best price.  

Now let us look into what roles apart from the above does a real estate agent play.  

Sales and Marketing 

The real estate agents have to market themselves daily – this is how they start their real estate career. Even after years into the practice, the top real estate agents have to continue doing the same. This means every new and experienced real estate agent has to do his personal branding. This is done through referrals, networking, and now marketing. Look up to any successful real estate agent and you would know apart from buying a home, selling a home, they market their real estate brand on social media platforms. Today the real estate agents create their online presence and update the relevant information online. This may seem an easy task, but real estate marketing is another whole mountain to climb. 

An Expert Advisor 

This role is crucial to all real estate agents. No real estate agent would directly jump onto the ways of buying property or selling a property when talking to a vendor or a buyer. Real estate agents would first listen to their clients and later on advise. If real estate agents are great speakers, communicators; they are great listeners too. Those who fail at lending ears may even fail at delivering what their clients expect. A great real estate agent is the one who establishes himself as an expert and gets more leads.  

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An Agent of a Buyer and a Seller 

An agent plays multiple roles in a day. For one client he may be a seller’s agent, for another, he may be a buyer’s agent. The requirements for both the roles differ to varied extend. Here’s how both the roles are played – When a real estate agent helps buyers, he connects him/her with mortgage lenders and negotiating contractors. When the real estate agent helps a seller, he assists in marketing properties, setting up staging, and transferring the ownership. A good real estate agent is one who plays both roles with utmost efficiency and brings in high returns.  


Buying and selling a home is one of the major decisions of one’s life. It involves a huge investment both financially and emotionally. To be able to step onto such a big decision, it is important to seek the help of the best real estate agent in the area.  

A Researcher 

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Becoming a top real estate agent is not as easy as it may seem. It requires passion, deep knowledge, and a proactive personality. All these qualities are needed to become an ace real estate agent. A realtor has to perform real estate analysis, stay updated with the real estate market conditions, changing trends, real estate marketing practices, and search open listings to find properties. The one who fails to keep an eagle eye on the market will probably lose on great opportunities. So, this is also one of the most important roles that almost every real estate agent has to play in his daily life. 

The roles may still seem limited but the responsibilities they shoulder are many. Answering the calls, replying to the emails, updating property listings, drafting, delivering documents, networking, etc., are some of the hidden tasks that real estate agents have to perform.  

Even before deciding to buy or sell a home, one has the bigger task ahead. That is to find an experienced real estate agent. It is important to have the best real estate agents by your side because of the immense benefits their services provide. 

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After deciding to hire a real estate agent, do not hesitate to clear your doubts and question your real estate agent. To know the type of queries, read our next blog, Top questions to ask your real estate agent.   

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