How To Know it’s Time to Upsize a Home?

How To Know it’s Time to Upsize a Home?

Upsizing means you are expanding the space or moving into a bigger house to live in. People do upsize for various reasons like growing a family or enhancing their lifestyle. If you feel your current home is not your happy place anymore, that’s fine. There is a high chance at some point you will move into a new home. The reason behind this notion is that most people do not stay in one home forever. 

Upsizing your home can be a crucial move for you and your family. Sometimes, it is hard to know when is the time to upsize the home. If you are planning and have a clear mind set regarding your new home. Then reach out to Manny Singh, Home Buyers Melbourne, and get assistance to find the best house for you. 

In this blog you will get answer that when you should start considering that it’s time to upsize your home. 

When Your Family is Growing

buy upsize house When Your Family is Growing

Main reason when people think to get a big home is when their family is growing. It can be an addition of a new family member or existing family members are getting older. Moreover, big houses provide comfort and give the kids a perfect environment to grow up in comparison to a small house. For example, large houses have more space where a child can play easily. 

Upsizing isn’t about growing a family, but it’s about having freedom to use more space. 

When You Feel a Need of Space for Your Furry Friend 

Need of Space in house for Your Furry Friend

Mostly, people consider their pet as their family member, if you’re from them. Then, giving a thought to upsizing a home is the right choice you are making. Particularly, dogs require space for both indoor or outdoor.  

Furthermore, a bigger home means you can keep the pets by your side and they will have a space to roam and play. 

When Real Estate Market is Doing Good 

It is a good idea to check the market trend before taking any initiative. Overall, if it seems a good time to buy and interest rates are low, then definitely you should make a move. 

As the house market keeps on changing, just grasp the opportunity at the right time. Plus, if you are already aware of marketing trends then chances are high you are ready to move to a new home. 

When You Know You Can Afford a New Home 

You Can Afford a New upsize Home

If you are not willing to move to a new home as of now. But if your financial situation allows you to afford one, just do it. 

You’ll want to upsize, maybe later. Therefore, it makes sense to do so if you’re in a fine place financially. It means you’re likely to find (and be able to afford) the home of your dreams.  

When Your Small Space Looks Messy 

If you’ re living in a small house for years then you must have many things at home. Having excessive things means your house can look messy. At that time, you really need to look for a larger home which will have more space for storage. As your family grows, so will the number of belongings you have, so you’ll be in need of space to keep all of your things in order. 

When You Feel Room Count is Not Enough 

You Feel Room Count is Not Enough

You are seeing your little one growing older, now it is getting hard to bear such proximity. In result, you must look for the new house because home provides space that family member wants. 

Let’s understand it with an example; if you have a family of four but there are three rooms and children are growing. Then you must move to a big home. 

When You Are Not Able to Do Entertainment 

Although, your current home is enough for your lifestyle; it doesn’t have a place for entertainment. Therefore, it is time to upgrade. 

There will be more space for entertainment and a spare bedroom so you can invite friends or relatives to stay. 

When You Feel the Need of Personal Space 

Everyone wants a little ‘me time’ but that’s hard to get if you’re living in cramped conditions. Not getting the space to relax can make you mad, and a bigger home can be the perfect solution.   

You’ll be able to set some space for your own personal use, where you can go to relax, work, or even just catch up on your Favorite shows. You can get the help of Manny Singh, Home Buyers Melbourne, in finding the best home as per your needs and requirements. 

When Your Current House Demands Constant Repair and Maintenance 

House Demands Constant Repair and Maintenance

The wear and tear of the home is unavoidable, but the older a house gets, it demands more repair and maintenance. If your current home is starting to require regular repairs like old bathrooms and kitchens need replacing, floors looking worn, gutters needing replacing, poor energy efficiency, etc. Hence, it is time to investigate if it’s worth investing in something new. 

When Present Home Does Not Suit Your Needs 

Present Home Does Not Suit Your Needs

Once thought to be a suitable location may have entirely since you first purchased your property. For instance, your new job needs a lengthy commute.  You are not in the catchment area of your kids’ new school. Make a list of all the amenities you want in an area and start researching. 

However, these are the factors which make you feel the upsizing the property but it is required to analyze the pros and cons of a land. 

So, what are the pros and cons of upsizing a property? 


Upsizing a home has numerous benefits. This includes: 

  • It gives you a space to spend your own personal time.  
  • It allows children to grow both mentally and physically. 
  • Adults can have their social life by organizing parties in large space. 
  • It has a tangible impact in future because of positive market trends, it can give you good results. This means you can get considerable revenue when you make up a mind to resell. 


  • You might have to pay big bills for heating and lighting. 
  • Big homes mean big space, so in order to manage everything, it requires a huge amount of time to clean or proper responsibility. 
  • If you are unable to sell old property you will have to pay a huge loan.   

Before making the decision to upsize the home, decide to sell your home first. This is because you may not be able to pay for a new property. 

If you find that these points are associated with your needs then it is time to upsize your home. Whereas, this is a general that can help you to make a fine move. Furthermore, it is the step that can give the space that your family wants and deserves. Plus, do not forget you can welcome your furry friend. Apart from it, a big house brings new opportunities. You will get space for entertaining yourself. Upsizing home has no rule to follow, it can be done by anyone. This means that even if you are not associated with these points, you can still get to buy a new home for yourself.  

It is a move that you are unlikely to regret it. Are you looking for an Real estate agent who can guide you in every step? Then contact Manny Singh, Home Buyers Melbourne. 




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