How Long Does It Take to Buy or Sell a House in Australia?

How Long Does It Take to Buy or Sell a House in Australia?

Various factors are considered in the process. It takes an average of 30 to 120 days to buy or sell a house in Australia. Introducing and looking at property in the market is the initial step, and it starts when you decide to sell or buy the property.   

How Easily Does House Get Ready?  

It depends on how fast you move and take the stand to sell your assets. You may need to take the help of a professional throughout the process. Particularly, a professional will inspect the property’s required changes. A house with stylish improvement will take time. If you are looking to sell or buy the property and if you want to know precisely how long it will take, contact Manny Singh, Real Estate Agent in Pakenham, and get assistance so you can make your decisions accordingly.  

Pricing Your Property  

Pricing Your Property

Once you know the worth of your property, you will be able to sell it quickly. Pricing rightly will decide the number of buyers exhibiting interest in your house. Showcasing the property is not good because people will approach more suitable deals. So, authentic representatives can help your work easier and find the best price.  

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent  

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right agent is crucial if you want to sell your house quickly. Your agent will be your contact person in the market, and the right dealer will have a lot of active references for those seeking the properties. For selecting the right estate agent, you should research, ask for referrals, look at previous sales history, and also read reviews of the agents that you have short-listed.  

After you finalize the agent, they will;  

  • Help you through the sales process.  
  • Help you to conclude how to sell.  
  • Make a strategy to attain a fast and successful rate.  

Sales Plan Making 

  • Procedure of Sales 
  • Selling Price 
  • Target Market 
  • Marketing strategy 

Procedure of Sales 

The method of sales will tell you how the sale process will take. Sales can happen in three ways:  

  • Auction 
  • Private treaty 
  • Presentation of interest or vendor 

The auction part usually lasts 4-6 weeks. Here your agent will showcase the property to active buyers and develop the interest of many hot buyers to create a competitive atmosphere, which can lead to auctions. A wise agent will try to concur to submit their best offers. 

Private Treaty 

Private Treaty

It is a fixed sale method, and you will have to set a price that accurately shows the value of your property. In this method, you will publicize the property, and hot buyers will see the land. A collection of offers will be taken from interested people, negotiation will take place with your selected customer, and then you will have to finalize the deal. It is very tough to estimate the possible time frame with this mode of sale since they do not feel an emergency to act as they do with the auction process. 

Well, a rough idea of the time frame can be considered: 

  • Exposure to the right buyers. 
  • Market trends. 
  • Number of similar places.  

Finding the right buyer can take a weeks to a few months. 

Presentation of Interest  

These two methods of sales are identical. It acts like a closed, silent auction, where interested buyers present the best offers by a set date. Unlike an auction, buyers are completely clueless about what other buyers offer or how much match exists.  

After the closing date, the agent and seller will discuss the offers, reject, accept, or negotiate with buyers. Offers must: 

  • Be offered on a contract of sale. 
  • Describe all terms of the offer. 
  • Be received before the closing date and time. 

The time it takes to market a property through the above methods is pre-defined and determined by the closing date – providing you receive an acceptable offer. It could be anywhere from 4–6 weeks.   

Select the Right Campaign to Sell Fastly 

A quality broker understands the significance of an adequate, custom marketing drive. Once you know the method of sale, price and target market, your agent will utilize these to acquire the best marketing campaign to sell the property quickly. These are only some parts involved in getting an agreement with your representative. This process can take time, so it is essential to find an agency that can simplify the process to reduce the overall time it takes to vend a property. 

Location of the Property 

Location of the Property

People prioritize its location when buying property since most want nearby facilities. The ease of living in your home based on the site will affect how quickly and easily you sell. The things that need to be looked at are supportive, friendly neighbours with social conditions, accessibility and protection. The location will factor in if you want to close the deals soon.   

Home Appearance 

When you decide to sell your property, it is important to prepare it for sale by concentrating on various factors like decluttering, cleaning it inside and outside, and ensuring the gardens are well-maintained. Everything should be repaired.  


The settlement period starts when you and the buyer sign the sales contract and ends on settlement day. It might take 30 to 90 days, depending on what the seller and buyer agree on. If you want precise guidance in the process of selling, Manny Singh, Real Estate Agent in Pakenham, will help you. 

Factors where Time of Buying Process Depends 

Factors where Time of Buying Process Depends

Settlement process times give an idea of how much time it will take to complete the purchase process. Here, you will be considering how quickly your mortgage approves, signing the contract, and deciding the upfront payments.  Approval of a mortgage can take two to three weeks, and the rest of the process can take about 30 to 120 days. If the real estate dealers and sellers take steps quickly, then there will be no botheration; you will be able to  own a home in no time. 

It Depends on Your Purse 

It is a significant factor when you think about buying a home. If you can pay your bills on time, you will do your process smoothly and at speed. In comparison, it is not important to count property value in cash before you get it. It is normally a wiser move to purchase the house with someone else’s funds because you would get benefits like tax write-offs, etc. You will also have to assume settling conveyance fees, mortgage stakes of 10% to 20%, insurance costs, and so on. 

A house in Australia is one of the biggest purchases people make in their lifetime. Make sure your investment and time are right so you can choose a suitable property for yourself. The selection of land will vary depending on your budget, property type, current circumstances, and investment goals. 

As it is a daunting task, getting the help of a specialist would bring you the best option ever. Everyone has different prospects while choosing the property, but a real estate agent serves you best on the table.  

The Bottom Line 

Preparing your mind for selling or buying process requires a lot of research, and this will give you an idea of how to take steps in the journey of 30 to 120 days. Ease your journey with help from Manny Singh, Real Estate Agent in hampton park, a licensed agent. You can come with any query regarding selling and purchasing. If you are looking forward to selling, make sure you take the pricing and marketability of your property. It is the settlement process that determines how quickly the deal will be closed if you are buying the property. 


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