How Does Real Estate Industry Work in Australia?

How Does Real Estate Industry Work in Australia?

Understanding the real estate industry can be tricky in the beginning but once you get hold of it, you will find it easy to get into the industry, buying and selling will not be a herculean task.   

Nevertheless, I should not underestimate the laymen. They do understand the real estate industry in terms of simple buying and selling properties. But let me tell you that there is a lot more to it. There is a lot in the industry other than what meets an eye.   

The day-to-day activities and transactions that take place are a lot more than you can imagine. Other than the real estate agent, there is a whole team that remains behind the curtain and makes every deal a success.    

In this blog we will see what activities are carried out by the real estate agents, the real estate companies and the professionals that work day in day out to make real estate deals a success.    

Keep reading till the end. By the time you will reach the conclusion, you will know a lot more about Australian Real Estate.   

What is the Real Estate Market? 

We all know what real estate is. Now, we will learn what the real estate market is. The real estate market is a crucial driver of Australian Real Estate.  

The Australian Real Estate industry mainly consists of professionals, institutions, licensed experts who manage buying, selling, renting of real estate properties to meet the property needs of Australia. 

The value of the properties in Australia keeps on changing due to economic factors. The experts from the real estate industry help clients in easing the process of dealing with the properties. The real estate agents charge a fee for their services and earn profits.  

How Real Estate Industry Impacts Economy? 

The real estate industry is one of the largest Australian Industry. It has its supply chain which includes contractors, firms, building supply companies and several professional service workers.  

They develop economic activity by meeting the increased demand for the goods and services required for creating, regulating and organizing property. The growth in the real estate industry impacts the economic activities of all the above participants.  

Role of Australian Real Estate Agents 

Real estate agents who are licensed and experienced are a great asset to any real estate agency. Entire real estate deals revolve around the real estate agents. Right from beginning the process of buying and selling to negotiating and then finalizing the deal, everything is taken care of by a real estate agent.  

The agents offer their expertise on the trends of the local property market and they help people in trading in the properties.   

Either there will be a buyer’s agent or there will be seller’s agent or some agents do both including management of investment properties.  

The Buyer’s Agent 

The buyer’s agent represents people who are looking to purchase the property.  

The Seller’s Agent  

The agent who helps the vendors in selling the property.  **This is to mention that you may not find different agents with different roles because many times, a single real estate agent plays both the roles- of a seller’s agent and of a buyer’s agent.     

The real estate agent works on behalf of their clients and they execute a real estate transaction on the spot and with utmost accuracy.   

Irrespective of the agent you approach, these professionals charge a fee or commission for their services. The amount of the fee charged is usually a percentage of the ultimate selling price of the property. The commission varies across Australia.   

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Managing Australian Real Estate Business 

Managing Australian Real Estate Business

As already mentioned above, there are a lot of tasks that a real estate professional has to perform apart from buying and selling properties.  

Here are some of the primary jobs that a property agent has to perform: 

Staying Updated with Local and Regional Market Trends 

A Real Estate Agent works as an advisor for those clients who are willing to trade in properties. In order to provide accurate guidance to clients, the real estate agents need to keep up with the market trends as well as the industry news.  

Research about the Listings 

The property professionals will have to stay updated about the active, pending as well as sold listings so that they can attract potential clients easily. It might seem easy but staying updated and researching the recent trends etc., also require expertise.  

Legal Paperworks and Documentation 

The real estate agents also have to help their clients with legal work. Right from preparing, submitting and maintaining documents and paperwork, everything is done and taken care of by real estate agents. Even though now the process of handling paperwork has gone digital, everything has to be done in real time. With digitization, the process has become even quicker and requires the agent to be proactive.   

Property Valuation 

Real estate agents usually provide their clients with a detailed report about the market value of the property they are interested in. The detailed reports are also known as property valuation reports. 

Communication with Clients 

In the present time, it has become essential to keep your business as well as the clients updated. Today, social media plays an important role in the growth of your business. Real-time communication with the clients has become vital and has the potential to gain more clients, earn revenue.  


The above is some of the primary roles that a real estate professional performs on a day-to-day basis.  

Of course, there are a lot of other tasks that they engage themselves in. To know more about the roles of real estate agent 

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Thank you for reading! 


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