7 Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

7 Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

This question may leave you wondering how a real estate agent can be bad? All real estate agents are good and why would they not be good when it is their profession? Well, the truth is that none of the real estate agents is bad. These are professionals who have the license and experience to keep going with their expertise.  

When dealing with the matters of property, everyone will have a different requirement. So, it is not about hiring a different or unique or a good real estate agent, but it is about hiring a real estate agent who understands your immediate needs and works in accordance. The real estate agent who works in the best interest of his client will bag the title of a good real estate agent. 

Whether it is about buying or selling a home, such crucial decisions must be taken in unison with a real estate agent in Hampton Park, Manny Singh.   

But before hiring a real estate agent for yourself, make sure you identify your own real estate needs. Because if you do not understand it by yourself, there is no chance you will be able to explain the same to others, be it a real estate agent or any other individual. Finding a perfect real estate agent is not possible but searching for the one who takes care of your needs while finalizing the deal will help you to go a long way.  

So, let us see the qualities that will differentiate a good and an average real estate agent.  

To the outsiders, real estate agents might seem like they have a simple, straightforward job. In reality, each day can be as diverse as the people they represent. A good real estate agent will know that a property is not just about bricks and mortar but it is more about people, their emotions and the attachment to the property itself.  

The real estate agent will understand that it is more about customer satisfaction through profitable sales than just about rushing mere selling or buying. They will know that the sales process can get complex yet it is their prime duty to support, and provide impartial guidance to bring in a great outcome for the parties involved.    

The top performers/ real estate agents will be comfortable talking to people from all walks of life. They will also possess a deep understanding of the area in which they will operate. Also, they will have a strong sales history to back up their claims. If you think such a real estate agent does not exist, then you haven’t yet met Manny Singh, the real estate agent in Hampton Park.   

Other than the above, here are eight qualities that you must look for to search for a perfect real estate agent for yourself. They will communicate well and regularly with you (clients). 

As a seller or a buyer, it can get stressful dealing with a real estate agent who is not an open communicator. The real estate market is quite time-sensitive, so you would need a real estate agent who constantly keeps you in the loop, and communicates about your current buying and selling situation. Else, you just end up wasting some precious time on the opportunities that offer just a limited chance of success. 

Remember poor communication from real estate agents can be one of the biggest frustrations for buyers and vendors. 

Proactive Selling  

A good real estate agent should be proactively calling potential buyers, communicating with present customers and also chasing the new leads. The key element of being proactive is by keeping the client well-informed about progress. If you as a client have to call the real estate agent all over again, then it is quite possible your real estate agent is not giving you proper information.   

They Will Listen 

Most people might tell you to be wary of an agent who talks too much. If you cannot get a word in when communicating with your real estate agent, then you have got an issue.   

As a client or a customer, you are the only one who should be making the most of talking and making sure that your real estate agent understands your special requests. A good real estate agent should be asking everything, all sorts of questions. A good real estate agent will be able to help you read your client and also adapt to the situation.  

Some clients might like to communicate through email. Some might prefer texting and others might like receiving a call so they know what is happening with their sales. It is the responsibility of a good agent to find out the client’s preferred method of communication and talk in a manner acceptable to both.  

Real Estate Agents Are Client-Motivated 

Let me put this simply if the customer gets a good deal, the real estate agent gets a good deal. This is the reason; it is important to choose a real estate agent who puts their vendors first and everything else later on. 

A good real estate agent will always have his/her clients’ needs on top priority. Buying and selling houses can get stressful and it is also important for the real estate agent to make sure that the client feels happy and supported.  

They Know Their Area Well 

Real estate agents sell more than just a home. They sell the life that comes with the property, which also needs a basic and deep understanding of the local area where the real estate agent serves. So, make sure as a client you ask your prospective real estate agent a number of questions before deciding the right one for you.   

They Understand Their Client’s Time Frame 

Understanding the urgency is one of the crucial elements of a good client- real estate agent relationship. A good real estate agent will know when a client is in a hurry to sell and when not. If the client has to settle soon, the real estate agent must know this and should accommodate and work in a tighter time frame. If the client is not in any rush, then the real estate agent can shop around and also advise the client to wait until they get a great price.  

Understanding the Customer’s Motivation for Selling 

A good real estate agent will always know why their clients are selling, and will also ask themselves questions like: 

  • Is my client selling to buy? 
  • Is my client looking for an investment property? 

These are some things that a good real estate agent must ask beforehand.  

No Hesitation in Giving References  

The easiest way to find a good agent is to use their past clients as true references. If you line up for a new real estate agent, make sure you ask which is the best fit. Also, ask for testimonials and statements. A good real estate agent will be able to give you a positive reference from any of their past clients.

So, above are some of the qualities that a good real estate agent will possess. If you find one, then it is suggested to keep working. If not, then contact Manny Singh, the best real estate agent in Hampton Park.   

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